It's Reigning Men!


Today’s the day!


Today’s the day if you open your email on Wednesday!

Devil’s Reign #1 is OUT!

Marco and I are SUPER excited for everyone to finally read our big ol’ event! People keep asking me if this is a Daredevil event or a Marvel event and the answer is: yes. It’s both! But, most importantly, it’s a Wilson Fisk event. This is the culmination of everything we’ve been working toward with the character, and everything set up by the man who made him mayor: Charles Soule.


This Thursday at 6pm EST Charles and I will be talking about his run on Daredevil, my run on Daredevil, and the perfectly planned same-day release of our two big events: DEVIL’S REIGN and STAR WARS: CRIMSON REIGN!

It’s going to be a fun time! And it’s open to all the subscribers on both of our newsletters!

Dec. 9 @6pmEST
PASSWORD: darepalz

Did we plan to have two series with REIGN in the title drop on the same day? Of course we did! How fucking dare you suggest that anything in our careers is a result of blind luck?!

Anyway, come out, it’ll be a nice time. And go subscribe to Charles’ newsletter!


It’s safe, trust me.

With Devil’s Reign ramping up, I talked to CBR about our mini-series running alongside it, DAREDEVIL: WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR!

It’s a wild three issues delving into Elektra’s past and future, with some cool character reveals! If you’re a Daredevil reader, it’s gonna be essential! Sorry!


This week also has the release of a book close to my heart: My MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE omnbius hardcover, retitled FANTASTIC FOUR: FATE OF THE FOUR because for some reason “Marvel Two-in-One” isn’t slated to be a Marvel TV show title until Phase Twelve?

Anyway, this was a real labour of love. It features some of my favourite collaborations. Jim Cheung! Valerio Schiti! Ramon Perez! It’s a feast 4 the eyes!


hey people know what they came here 4.

This is the book where I received my favourite piece of original art, from Mr. Jim Cheung. Look at this fuckin’ thing!

Ah, Reed and Doom. I miss those guys.

Also, I consider this a legal contract that says Jim HAS to work with me again

But that’s not all that’s out this week! The BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS collection drops today!

It features my BATMAN / RED HOOD story with Eddy Barrows and also has Friend Of The Stack Matt Rosenberg’s Grifter story in it? Always happy to give an up-and-coming writer a break!

Anyway, it was fun writing modern Batman being scary and mean. You should check it out!

I think that’s it? I checked out twitter yesterday and people were pondering an orb and Charlie Cox was re-hired as Daredevil thanks to all the Devil’s Reign buzz, so things seem to be going well over there.

See you at Thursday’s Zoom!!!


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