I came here to WIN. Oh ... wait. I lost? I ... sorry, I guess I'll go now
The Eisner Awards Ceremony is this Friday. It’s virtual, so nobody gets to see the amazing parade of dusted-off suits, the dresses that are a little TO…
And entering. And staying a while. Maybe too long?
2 many chips
wait batman does what
He was a good kid. Probably shouldn't have gone out at night to beat up criminals I guess.
"If it's Chip's opinion, it's unpopular!"
it's fucking madness casey affleck wasn't cast as zack snyder's robin
It's all a bit much I'm sorry
Not an NFT! Not a new digibuck! Just a comic, I swear!
oh shit that's totally going to send this newsletter to your junk folder shit where's the edit button is it
Yeah, I'm as weirded out by it as you are