My new Image book with Jacob Phillips, NEWBURN, is just over a month away from being in comic shops! It’s all very exciting. Have I shown you the Tula Lotay variant for it?

Like, come ON that’s GORGEOUS

It’s a “variant,” and for those of you not familiar with the term, or think we’re referring to multiversal Lokis, they’re the same comic but with special, different covers. Sometimes they’re released in a limited quantity, making them hot tickets for collectors and speculators, but this one is so beautiful you can just order it like normal!


Look, I try.

But this brings me to the cover I illustrated! It’s for order right now!

This is EXCLUSIVE to my Annual and Chipnuts subscribers for order! What does that mean? WELL:

  • If you’re one of those subscribers, you’ll need to use the email address you associate with this newsletter!

  • We’re offering unsigned and signed copies! The signed will come with a “fun” Certificate of Authenticity!

  • You can order a maximum of 15 copies of each!

  • The comic shop supplying these is The Beguiling, a Canadian shop, so prices are in Canadian so it’s not as bad as you think!

  • How many are we printing? It depends on how many get ordered! My guess is between 500 and 1000, but we’ll see! You have to get your order in by OCTOBER 7 to make sure you get one!

If you’re a Chipnuts member, you’re still getting the two copies of the black & white version and we’ll be contacting you when the book is out for how to get them to you!

So, yeah! Go order! And if you have any questions, sound off in the comments! It’s our first time doing this, so there may be some speedbumps!


Hey! Optimism, please! Now go spread the word!

Also, look! Jacob and I talking about Newburn with Forbidden Planet!

ugh we’re ADORABLE


Speaking of adorable, you need to go check out writer extrordinaire Kelly Thompson’s newsletter:

Kelly is an Eisner-winning comics writer and is going to be publishing comics on her Substack, just like me! Did she copy me? Interesting!

Anyone who’s read her work knows that she’s the best and any comics you get from her and her collaborators are well worth the price of admission. You should be begging her to read her comics! Begging!

Anyhoo, go check out her first Substack Pro post and get excited!


Man, I wish you could show me the level of excitement you show others


Oh in that case forget it

Also, for subscribers, this Friday you get to meet the representation of every editor who’s had to work with me.