Newsletter #14: Once Bitten, Never Shy

"I love deadlines. I like the whoosing sound they make as they fuck me." -Douglas Adams?


Well, I received a really nice treat in the mail this week! Apparently my page in MARVEL COMICS #1000, the 80th anniversary special, was deemed to be the best of all the contributions, so I was awarded this one of a kind coin! It was an honour to be part of such a momentous project, but it’s even bigger honour to be the best in the book, and therefore the best in the industry. Excelsior!


Well, I’m flying to Tokyo tomorrow! I’ll be at TOKYO COMIC CON for Friday only, sketchin’ and doodlin’ in Artist Alley! The last time I was in Japan was over 15 years ago, and my future was foretold by some local wildlife, whose bite turned my hair grey and gave me the power to write Howard The Duck. What will this happen this time? Who knows! But I will be bit.


Afterlift issue two is out! It’s an all-out action issue and Jason and Paris make it shine! They’re so good!

Screen Rant has a preview of it here! But really you should just go buy it here. Support afterlife car comics! So they can take over the world and Martin Scorsese can be upset about it!


Well, my Afterlift collaborator Jason Loo has two more books out this week! If you loved The Tick or Scott Pilgrim or just fun, smart comics, you should pick up Pitiful Human Lizard, the first two volumes of which are out today! They’re delightful!

In fact, I wrote a foreward for one of them! Here are the first few paragraphs to wet your whistle (ugh what a saying)

When you think of the words “super hero,” what first comes to mind? Probably Superman, I’d imagine. But besides Superman, what comes to mind. Batman? Okay, sure. But besides those two, what comes to mind? Well, Spider-Man, definitely. After Spider-Man it’s probably Wonder Woman and Iron Man; Black Widow, Wolverine, Aquaman, Storm, Luke Cage, Daredevil, The Flash, Captain America or Captain Marvel.

You’d probably then think of Cyclops, Thor, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Colossus, the other Captain America, the other Green Lantern, the other other Green Lantern, Iceman, young Iceman. Possibly a few dozen others.

But what if I narrowed it down and asked: what do you think of when you hear the words “Toronto super hero?” Well, now it gets specific. You probably think of Scott Pilgrim. But that’s wrong, because he’s technically not a super hero. The book and subsequent movie were definitely magic realism, influenced by superhero comics and video games, but I would say you’re incorrect to think of him when you hear “Toronto super hero.”

Sure, okay, Drake. Ha ha, I get it. Yes, he feels a bit like a comic book character, but you’re just being an asshole now thinking of him. Look, you’re reading The Pitiful Human Lizard right this moment! It boggles the mind that his name hasn’t popped into your head by now! You’ve literally purchased this collection!

Speaking of great takes on superheros, if you’re not checking out Runaways, you’re really missing out! Rainbow Rowell is weaving amazing stories and Friend of the Newsletter Kris Anka is back guesting on pencils and designing some top-notch superhero costumes, while also skewering said costumes! Go get it! Run … toward this book (good one, Chip)!


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- Your biggest fan in the Mountain State James.

Hi James, thanks for the question.

I think about sex and sometimes do sex.