Newsletter #2: Batman Is A Coward

I’ve only ever been in one fistfight, but it’s been going on for over 25 years


Hard to believe I only launched this newsletter one week ago! Since then, Universal has optioned it of a low six-figure sum, which is nice. They’ve told me that I’ll have “complete creative control,” but the star they lined up to play me, Vin Diesel, is already insisting on playing me as a drooling piece of shit with almost no muscle mass and a hatred of cars.

Ugh, Hollywood!

This is why I love working in comics so much. While it’s not always perfect, I still get to have a fair amount of control over the product while pulling in a high two-figure sum on the regular.

The other nice thing about comics is how accessible everyone is. I don’t mean that sexually, though if you corner Kieron Gillen at a comics event and start talking Warhammer with him, he will spontaneously orgasm. Is it the “war” part or the “hammer” part? We will never know.

In any case, I mean that you can chat with comic professionals on twitter.


Especially when it comes to DC comics creators and editors! A lot of readers know me because of my Marvel work, but deep down I’m a diehard DC fan. I grew up reading them all: Superman, Batman, Mister Lantern, Aqua-Man, The Confusing Hawk-Man, Wonder Woman, Other Woman, Martian ManMurderer, Matter-Eater Lad and Robin Three.

So, when I saw that a DC Editor had some spare time on twitter (I don’t want to publicly out them, so let’s just call them “Chris” (Conroy) for now), I did what you’re not supposed to: I sent in an unsolicited script.

(A lot of creators and editors are very vocal about fans NOT sending them comic ideas, but honestly I find it’s the best way to steal ideas.)

Anyway, I sent “Chris” the following:

It feels weird leaving Marvel after having such great success there, but it took Brian “Michael” Bendis almost fifteen years to get noticed by DC, so I know I need to jump at this opportunity when “Chris” finally answers my email.


This week DAREDEVIL #10 comes out from Marvel Comics! I’m joined by Jorge Fornés and Jordie Bellaire on art and it is very, very good-looking.

This is the end of NO GODS ONLY DEVILS, my second arc. There’s a preview at AV Club, but I hate previews of single issues! Why read 20% of the book before it comes out?! Calm down!!!

With this arc I wanted to explore life after being a “super hero.” Which means Daredevil didn’t even bother to fuckin’ show up in a comic called “Daredevil!” The nerve!

I’m grateful Marvel has let me tell this story, and I’ll always remember this kindness when I’m writing Chip V Batman at DC Comic.


Oh man oh man I’m so glad everyone seems to have dug THE WHITE TREES. Reaction has been fantastic, as if readers forgot I wrote it and just fell in love with the gorgeous art.

I heard from a lot of people that their stores sold out, but they should still be able to get more in as we over-printed to meet demand! The fact that this series may not be collected for a while (or e-e-ever!) means that I want to make sure people can still get copies beyond the on-sale date, because I am a good person who cares about you.

Here’s a sneaky peaky at Kris and Matt’s work from issue two:


Every week I’ll answer one POLITE and RESPECTFUL question about my life as a non-erotic dancer or about my work. The email is This week’s question is from “Paolo”:

Dear Chip,
When did you realize you wanted to work in comics?

I knew I wanted to work in comics the day I bought the one where Spiderman taught The Beyonder to shit.