Newsletter #7: Tinder For Insecure Artists

It's true I'm my own harshest critic but some of you are really giving me a run for my money


This week Marvel announced my new project: DOOM 2099! It’s part of the new 2099 event in December and is only a one-shot because, as Marvel told me, “Issue twos are for closers, Zdarsky.” It’s been fun to work on because there are a bunch of writers helping to re-imagine this world. Which means a lot of conference calls where I say things like, “but what if the world is bad” or “but what if the world is good." It’s been fun tapping into my love of science-fiction!

The book is set in (checks notes) the year 2099, and is based on the original DOOM 2099 book from the 90s, which was one of my favourite titles. As Chipoholics will know, I wrote Dr. Doom in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE AKA NOT THE FANTASTIC FOUR and have a very deep affection for the character. I also know what the fans want, so here’s an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT:


Oh boy, WHITE TREES #2 is out this week! Kris, Matt and Aditya brought their A-game to help elevate my B-game. The book has been a joy to work on and I hope everyone enjoys the finale. And if anyone missed issue ONE because they were in the hospital or something, the second printing with my cover is out tomorrow as well! Now THAT’S service!

And remember! There’s no collection planned, so if you want this gorgeous story, you either have to kidnap all of us and force us to recreate it for your sick amusement, or go buy these single issues!


This week Jeff Lemire’s OGN (Only a Graphic Novel) FROGCATCHER is out! I had the distinct pleasure to steal it and think it’s a flawless, brutally sharp diamond that captures the fear, frailty, and unending mystery of what it means to be alive, IMHO! I beat Jeff last week for Best Writer at the Shuster Awards, which means I’m better than him. So, if I tell you this is a great book, it’s obviously a great book. Nice one, Jeff! Keep on dreaming!


Every week I’ll answer one POLITE and RESPECTFUL question about my life as a plagiarist or about my work. The email is

How did you get started in the comic industry and what would you advise to others that want to get into the industry?


First off, I’d advise you to not get into the comic industry. I don’t want any more fucking competition! Just back the fuck off you goddamn scavenger!! I’ll cut you!!

But here’s how I got into the industry:

Honestly, it’s a bit like dating. I was on a bunch of dating sites with pretty solid profile pages. I went on some good dates, mostly with myself, but word got around that I was up for a good time and was creative with my date ideas. Bungee jumping, sexually-charged cooking classes, axe crafting, axe throwing, etc. Then I went on a date that went really well with Matt Fraction and Image Comics (Sex Criminals) and next thing I knew I had a lot of people interested in me being polyamorous. One of those was Marvel Comics, a hunky billionaire with a speedboat yacht who said they’d treat me right until someone younger and hotter came along. They’ve even been putting a ring on it for a year or two at a time! Mostly so I wouldn’t go date the other local billionaire named DC with the antique car collection.

I hope that’s helpful!!!