Newsletter #8: All About Respect

Grateful that spanking kids is no longer a thing as it was making my adult spankings seem weird


NYCC. New York City Comicon.

It’s not because I hate the fans, it’s because I don’t respect them. Never forget that.

But, you know who DOES respect the fans? Joe Quesada, that’s who! On Friday at his “Cup O’ Joe” panel he’ll be regaling fans with non-legally actionable stories and will be answering ALL your questions about the 2007 story “One More Day” and the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson! He told me at a Marvel retreat that he can’t get enough of those questions and even has a secret tattoo that says “More Like FUN More Day”!

He’ll also be giving out this exclusive NYCC variant of Daredevil #12 that he drew! It’s a huge honour for me to have Joe draw a Daredevil cover, and when I told him so, he said “it’s because I love the character, Chip. The CHARACTER. I cannot stress that enough.” Isn’t that cool!


Thanks for asking! I guess just Ryan Stegman’s podcast! On his latest “show,” he had a friend of mine, and former Daredevil scribe, Charles Soule on to talk about his novel and career. It quickly devolved into trash talking me, because Ryan’s never even sniffed an Eisner let alone had three beauties on his mantle (the top of his stinky fridge).

So, I’ve engaged my lawyer, Caitlin, to look into possible legal action. She’s the best, and once represented real-life super hero Phoenix Jones, so she really gets me and my “biz.”

I’ll update everyone next week.


This week, DAREDEVIL #12 is out! It’s Marco and Nolan and some all-out action, some kick-ass Foggy, and a delicious dinner, so you should check it out. It’s VERY PRETTY. Oh! Also! Marco is going to be at NYCC! Go to his booth and shower him in gold and compliments!

Also out this week is the SECOND PRINTING of DAREDEVIL #10! It has a spoiler on the cover, so I’ve edited it slightly.


Well, we finalized SPIDER-MAN: FULL CIRCLE. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is an 80-page one-shot where Marvel had some of their “top talents” do a “round robin” story. That basically meant that one writer would write 10 pages and then pass it to the next writer, who would add to it, and repeat until we’d met the required 80 pages to secure the company’s third quarter(?). The name “round robin” is based on the popular DC character “Robin,” a mantle that gets passed around from child to child when one dies or ages out of the tiny costume.

Anyway, it SEEMED like a fun idea until it became very clear that the previous writers really enjoyed fucking over the next writer, the tone set by the first writer, Jonathan “Oh, Did I Upset You?” Hickman.

I did my best to save the story to give the fans what they deserved, because, as you know, the number one thing I respect in this world are the fans. Hopefully that comes across in-between Nick Spencer’s chapter of Spidey saying “Deadpool sucks” for ten pages and Kelly Thompson’s chapter of Spider saying “Nick Spencer sucks” for ten pages. What a mess!

Anyway, we did an exhaustive interview about the project over at Rachael Stott and Triona Farrell illustrated my chapter and they’re the best, everyone else is trash.


Every week I’ll answer one POLITE and RESPECTFUL question about my life as a sad boy or about my work. The email is

Dear Chip,

I’m a writer and sometimes get into a funk about my work. What are your tips to get out of that?


Great question! When I’m down on my writing abilities I just look up the episode titles for the 2019 season of Pawn Stars, a successful TV show made by professionals. It really perks me up and I hope it perks you up too.

  • Pawn it Out of the Park

  • Triple Crown Pawn

  • Pawn of the Undead

  • United States of Pawn

  • International Pawn of Mystery

  • Pawn of the Seas

  • Pawn to the Rescue

  • Pawn Off the Grid

  • A Game of Pawns

  • He Shoots, He Pawns

  • Pawning Picasso

  • From Pawn, With Love

  • Rebel Without a Pawn

  • Who's Pawning With Me!

Hope that helps!