What Am I Doing

no seriously

A lot of people stop me in the street and go, “Chip I miss you on twitter where you’re much more charming than in real life, like right now. Is that mustard dribbling down your beard?” And to that, I say, yes, I also miss me on twitter but holy shit does my brain feel better. There are a lot of reasons to cut back on twitter. Like:

  • You don’t need second-by-second unbaked analysis of everything happening in the world

  • You are tired of having your brain rewired by companies that only see humanity as data-filled consumers

  • You’re really fucking busy what the fuck are you doing on twitter chip

It’s that last one that really hit me. For a special sneak peek behind the curtain, here’s my whiteboard of current projects!

Kaptara! Truly a joy seeing new Kagan pages come in. Oh shit issue two’s script is due

Public Domain! Shockingly I’m drawing a page a day of this. Just finished page 15 of issue one. It’s actually been nice getting back to drawing and colouring! But fuck me drawing a comic is a full-time job what’s wrong with me

Newburn! Freshly announced and we have six issues fully drawn! Jacob is a machine! Order it from your local comic shop!!

Redacted! A special series with an artist I’ve worked with before who I love!

Redacted! Believe it or not, we’re totally done with our freshly announced series THE ALLNIGHTER! It’s in the can! So we’re doing something else for comiXology! Shh!

Stillwater! We keep on going! I know the chart stops at issue 20, but that is NOT the final issue!

I’m writing a pilot! I’m past the outline phase and halfway into the first draft and … it’s fun? It’s almost like writing comics except there’s no editor shouting at me that word balloons can only have 20 words in them!

Daredevil! Or whatever it’ll be called once DEVIL’S REIGN is done! Much like Stillwater, just because the chart only goes to issue 50 doesn’t mean I’ll stop there (or, frankly, get there! People get fired!)

Redacted! A three-issue mini tying into Devil’s Reign!

Devil’s Reign! Chugging along!

Redacted Again! A mini-series I’ve been working on for the last couple of years with a SUPERSTAR ARTIST! It’s a slow burn, but man oh man it’s gorgeous.

Redacted! A mini-series about a character I love and have written before! It’s very pretty and we’re really far ahead considering it hasn’t even been announced yet!

Sorry, that’s a lot of “redacted.”

Anyhoo! That’s why I’m not on twitter! If you want twitter-level japes and jabs then just go subscribe why don’t you!!!!


I’m just tired. Also, I grabbed this great scene from one of our new Mangasplaining books and want to use it:

(mom, manga is read right-to-left)

Speaking of books I’m working on, JUSTICE LEAGUE: LAST RIDE #5 is out today! Here it is, along with proof of life and tiredness!

yes I have a captain america shield leave me alone


Also out this week is a new episode of MANGASPLAINING! We tackle the hit series Spy x Family which is very funny and charming!

And that’s it! For SUBSCRIBERS, this Friday we’ll have the next PUBLIC DOMAIN SCENE!