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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sometime the best band names just happen.

Sex Towel. Slow Climax.

Safe travels!

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Glad to see that your con tour is going very well Chip.


I mean, please do not mistake me, I absolutely LOVED the brutality and comeuppance that you had Matt deliver unto the Stromwyns there. The eye bit was ESPECIALLY beautiful, and painful to read. Not gonna lie, after seeing those two be nearly untouchable (save for Willy’s little tantrum in their office) I half believed they were going to skate away from this Scott free. Well I guess now they know they aren’t as untouchable as they believed they were. in fact thanks to Matt, I suspect they know just how human they truly are now.

Also the eye thing with Matt there...OUCH!!! But at the same time I couldn’t tell if they were his real/original eyes, or prosthetics added at some point. Cause I can’t tell if Matt just bloated that dude’s eye red there at the end, or if he took the eye he ripped out and put it in his head after tearing out his eye. And if that is the case, when did Matt get fake eyes?

Well with only a few months left till the end of the line here on DD, I really hope that all the lingering threads get addressed and tied up before Matt reaches the conclusion of this story.

Also slight Batman question: how long will it be till we get to see the fallout of Red Mask’s tampering with the Jokers, and the Trinity of evil he has unleashed on our poor unsuspecting Gotham?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your tour Chip!

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Can't wait to see you tonight at Comic Readers Chip! This will be the first signing I've ever been too. I'll be awkward and have no idea what to say and will probably try to make a joke that won't land and relive that moment over and over when trying to sleep, but yeah I'm excited!

If you're an icecream guy; Dandys icecream across the street from Comic Readers is local artisinal ice cream and amazing!

If you're a donut guy; Everyday Kitchen is worth stopping in to. They make fluffy fresh sourdough based donuts that are to die for.

If you're a health food guy; you'll like Saskatoon more. 😜


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