Yeah Marco keeps getting better and better. He just sent me some of his Spidey pages and they’re GORGEOUS. People are gonna flip!

And I don’t mind Detective being its own thing. We do our best to be conscious of continuity but I would never let it get in the way of a good story.

And I like all types of Batman stories! The second arc was multiversal but also pretty street level. I have no intention of going that route again, besides the looming problem of the MULTIZURS!

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Nov 29, 2023Liked by Chip Zdarsky

My dream is to someday be my husband's Sugar Spouse.

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It was very...encouraging when we'd have job fairs at my film school and our teachers would be competing with us for the jobs.

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Nov 29, 2023Liked by Chip Zdarsky

Well, that was informative. I always knew I was missing something in my attempts to try and be a freelance creative. Who would have guessed that it was a sugar momma all along!? SO insightful!

Hey chip, I was reading the newest issues of Detective Comics yesterday and I’m seeing the situation Batman is in there, with the azmer demon in him and the hanging about to happen, and then I remember the crap he’s embroiled in with Zur and Joker over with you in the main title series. It’s kinda weird isn’t it? Trying to tie in all these big events revolving around a single character, and putting together when happens when, and how they do or do not affect him in the other series. (Seriously,how has the Azmer not interacted with Zur on some level, assuming it hasn’t.)

Does that ever bug you,that such big stories taking place with the same character are happening at the same time other big things are happening to the same character elsewhere? You ever wish you could find a way to make them all just fit together perfectly in a perfect timeline of events?

And yes, I know that’s like asking Sisyphus to succeed in rolling the bolder over the hill, but still, I think it’s something fans and writers have thought about at least once.

Still on the topic of Batman, did you always intend for your run with bats to be as cosmic and multiversal as it has been so far? Or, like you always say, that’s just how the story turned out?

Also please pass along my compliments and praises to Marco for his spectacular job working with Johnathan Hickman on the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man series. Not only is he drawing the Parker family I have always wanted and envisioned (yet editorial seems determined to never allow in 616) but his art in general just seems even more on top of his game than usual with this. I mean from what I have seen of the Parker’s, kingpin, and goblin, it’s all looking like ultimate level quality work from him, and those are just the ones we have been shown so far. I sincerely hope him and John continue on this title for many years yet to come, like mark bagley did on the original ultimate spidey series.

Anywho, hope u have a great hump day *giggity* and look forward to your next post, and releases in the coming weeks!

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The Peeper is sooooo skeevy, I think he could be the breakout hit of 2023! Here's to hoping for a whole Peeper-family of titles like: The Amazing Skeevy Peeper; Peeper Peeper, The Spectacular Skeevy Peeper; Friendly Neighborhood Skeevy Peeper; Sinister Skeevy Peeper; Immoral Skeevy Peeper; What If?...The Skeevy Peeper Saw Something He Wasn't Supposed To See?; Skeevy Peeper: The Hidden Years; and (of course) Giant-Size Man-Thing Skeevy Peeper. I wait with bated breath for these new monthly delights!

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This is like the second or third post that, after reading, I’m reminded see of my ye olde days. I knew a few of those coked up art director types from my magazine days; in fact a best bud was an SVA lecturer and had his own design firm. He was older than us and we thought he was a ROCK STAR. He even, story has it, briefly dated a well-known lingerie model. But as I got to know him better over the years it was interesting to see the smoke and mirrors at work. Great guy, super talented, but change comes to every industry and it’s so hard to pivot.

Anyhoo, bit more serious that I imagined this would go but safe travels, have fun, don’t die and don’t spend all the missus’ hard-earned loonies in LA!!!

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Hi Chip,

Thanks for another enlightening post.

I’m glad you made it and are still here to tell the tale. Thank you to your wife for all of her good humor, bill paying, and understanding.

Re: Charlie Cox liking your DD run 👏👏😈. I spoke to someone who had Charlie sign your DD 14 variant and this person said that Charlie really enjoyed your DD run. Great news (Psst Charlie can also rock a great monster beard which also means King Daredevil 👑😈! Dear Marvel Studios go forth with adapting the Zdarsky & Checchetto run right now dammit…or um, please.)

I will pick up the Howard the Duck one shot soon. Hope you have a blast in Los Angeles, Chip.

Safe travels!

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dear chip,

i hope you make all the money you need to live until you die (OR BETTER!)

also "sugar PARTNERS" is a very funny phrase and concept and the more i think about it, the more it speaks to the way an ideal partnership actually is, with each person taking care of the other

you were (in my estimation) accidentally (or perhaps purposefully) profound!

thank you!



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What advice would you add since gaining that twenty year experience, and knowing what the situation is in this general realm.

Would you recommend moving from just finding a partner with a job, to entrenching yourself into a high paying polycule when starting off your career?

I'm off to read Howard, it's been a while since that mallard has been about.

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This is the second time that you’ve given this advice for creatives in the field and I’ve passed this advice along to my partner and she is STILL working with kids as a nanny instead of copyright law or various other soul-sucking high-earning butter-coffee-drinking career because I NEED to draw cartoons

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